Veni Arrangements

Hi Friends,
Though i'm not a beautician or hair dresser, i have some suggestions for arranging Venis(Top flowers for jada). I have taken pics from Internet for reference

How to arrange venis: With normal pins, U-pins or with needle and thread??

Normal hair pins may damage the petals if not used properly but stay firm. Generally pins are used by beauticians in AP

U-pins are not very sturdy but will not damage petalsNeedle and thread: Mostly used in Tamilnadu. I found this way of securing veni to hair is the best method, as venis stay firm for long time without moving and disturbing the arrangement. But can be removed only with scissors.

Single veni for Simple brides.

Single veni, arranged differently. Necklace is arranged on top of veni to give this different look. So try out with your old necklace

Single veni, best for Kids with a jada billa at centre

Single veni

2 Veni arrangement, one from bottom, other from top

2-step veni with artificial satin flowers veni

2 Step veni, one in jasmine and other rose petals, most common arrangment for telugu brides

2 step veni, but the bootom petal veni is arranged from the top of jada and not from bottom, so that in back pics, bottom veni is seen as a full round

Two step veni: Simple and neat. Arranged with taking support of a small bun. I havent seen any AP/Telangana brides using buns, but used commonly in Tamilnadu and Karnataka. Using a bun, gives support to venis.

2 step veni with 2 buns

Three step veni: With the bottom veni matching dress color, Gold veni and the top most white veni.

Again a three step veni: With all 3 as rose petal venis, and centre veni as a light color. Please be careful while ordering a light color veni, as yellow, white, peach color venis wither faster.

3 Step veni, with gold venis arranged, one from the bottom and one from the top. Petal veni covering both the venis

3 step veni with 8 shape

3 Veni arrangement, with artificial gold veni at centre

3 step veni: 2 steps being venis and 3 flowers arranged as top most veni

3 step veni: 2 from top and bottom one from the the top of jada, this is the latest trend for Kannada brides

This 3 step veni used 3 different types of flowers.

This veni has contains: 3 steps of gold painted jasmine with a green leaf veni which matches blouse color

4 Veni arrangement with Bun

5-Step veni

5 step veni with rose petals and jasmine arranged alternately

5 step veni arrangement

My favourite arrangement of Venis: 7 venis, arranged so neatly

Most complicated veni arrangment of Srilankan brides