Arranging PelliPoolajada

Beauty of poolajada Depends on the way it is arranged

The title says it all.. How may times have you saved screenshots or pictures of our poola Jada. I guess you already have a list of your favourites jadas for the most important occasions of your life.
But hey, let us tell you a little secret, the magic of your jada significantly depends on the way you arrange it. It's all about lil' hacks and some patience. So today, we bring to you, the art of arranging poola jada the right way.

Who wants their hair extension to fall out or even peep out of your plait for that matter? So master the art of arranging you hair extension right and tight, to create a strong base for your pelli poola jada.
All you need to do is follow the easy peasy steps.

How to Arrange Hair extension

Our most favourite pelli poola jada ever since inception and people really keep asking us how do we even arrange it. Trust us, this is the most easiest jada to put it all together and you would second us once you see the video tutorial.So here we go.
Arrange Netted Poolajada 
Wondered how to arrange billala jada in perfect alignment? Yes thats absolutely possible if you follow some simple and easy steps as shown in the video.
Arrange Poolajada With gaps

So now you have a beautiful gold jada and you wonder how to bring together your flower venis and Jada, here is the tutorial to get the magic out of your gold jada with flowers.
Poolajada on Gold Jada

Kids poola jada are tailor made for the comfort and ease of kids, so we explain in detail on how to arrange kids poola jada easily.
Arranging Poolajada for Kids

Nothing beats a great hair style on your special day, so learn it from the Experts of IRA makeup for a Bridal hairdo along with poola jada.

Want to master the art of a Telugu Bride's Kalyana Tilakam, see our Makeup experts apply it to perfection.

Kalyana Tilakam

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