Latest Pelli Poola jada Designs with Pricing

Occasion: Wedding/ Seemantham/ Pellikooturu/ Langavoni function
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Order Atleast 2 weeks in advance
Price does not include delivery charge
Price may vary depending on location and availability of flowers in that season (Around 30% maximum)

Latest Designs: 

How much does every girl love a poola jada? Well the answer is unanimously beyond words. Bring back all your summer holiday memories with freshly made poola jada at your Grandmom's place.

The poola jada or poojadai came a very long way across generations, but the tradition of wearing it for a south Indian wedding hasn't changed a bit. Ever since we started making poola jada our only motto was to keep the traditions intact and yet provide more options to the brides to go with the changing trends and yet the pool jada to be comfy and light weight.

This wedding season is no less and here we present to you the best of the Poola Jada designs to fit every occasion along with their prices.

As unique as the color , yellow is the color of auspiciousness and you should not miss this peppy color as a part of your wedding accessories.

Are you a fan of color matching all your accessories, then this is exactly blue. You may be at sea thinking of what color should you opt for a blue saree, but hey we have a poola jada in blue too so that you don't have to compromise on your creative senses.
This poola jada is classic and as traditional as it can get. Using fresh jasmines and rose petals this is fool proof design which can go with all your traditional sarees.
Here are a few more designs in the same pattern so that you can choose the style which aptly suits you according to your requirement.

If you are someone who wants a combination of both the traditional and modern world this fusion jada is right on spot for you. Traditional poola jada with jada billalu matched to a bright color veni in the center. Aren't you already in love with this floral jada?
Poola jada looks the cutest on these lil' cutie pies and if you want your angels to look as pretty order them right away from our kids pelli poola jada designs. We also promise you that your kids won't be grumpy anymore owing to the heavy poola jada.

This pelli poola jada is our personal choice as this design would definitely stay put through out your special day without withering a bit and very simple to wear.
Our favorite net jada with a lil' twist of gold veni and kasu coins through out the net . This is definitely for those brides who want to stand out and you wouldn't want to miss this.

A beautiful combo of net and jada billable has come together to bring an uber chic jada design.

How creative can you get with selecting your poola jada? What you think when we say Poola jada with orchids? Very Unique and very colorful and is a perfect choice if you have a purple shaded saree.

This season is all about fusion and this is another stand out design with a combo of jada billa and net jada and the veni's for this jada is a whole new level.

These traditional pula jada designs are definitely going to get you nostaligic without  a doubt.

Make an unique statement with the rose and jasmine net jada .

Our unique bangle poola jada is now available across all the branches here.

Living abroad and don't have access to fresh flowers , you can always from our fresh flower look alike artificial poola jada collection.

These artificial poola jada designs are also great for bharatanatyam, kuchipudi and other classic dancers as hair accessories.