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Latest Flower Jewellery Designs with Pricing

Occasion: Wedding/ Seemantham/ Pellikooturu/ Langavoni function
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Order Atleast 2 weeks in advance
Price does not include delivery charge
Price may vary depending on location and availability of flowers in that season (Around 30% maximum)

No Nalugu or Mehendi ceremony these days is complete without floral/ fresh flower jewelry. Ever since Actress Aishwarya Rai wore it for her Sangeet ceremony, it has become an essential at every Indian wedding. While poola jada was the only floral accessory South Indian women use to wear during the weddings, fresh flower jewelry instantly became a beautiful amalgamation of North and south cultures and had now become an integral part in no time.

South Indian brides are usually seen wearing jasmine and rose flower jewelry for Nalugu and Pellikuthuru ceremonies.

If you are one such to-be-bride who is looking for some cute and stunning flower jewelry, we at pelli poola jada offer you a variety of fresh handmade floral jewelry to make your D day more beautiful.

Here are some of the most loved fresh flower jewelry designs, along with the prices.
Beautiful flower jewelry in auspicious yellow color roses and fresh jasmines.

If you looking at some intricate floral jewelry, have a look at this floral choker and haar to have a grand look for this wedding season.

As the name suggest this look is inspired from the Devasena character in Bahubali, if you are a movie buff we are sure you are gonna love this Bahubali jewelry.

Now this is the new trend , Gota Patti jewellery. This has a beautiful gold dazzle along with fresh fragrance from the flower jewelry. Make you don't miss this trend for your Mehendi jewelry.
For brides who love elaborate jewelry, you would not want to miss this amazing matha patti made out of fresh flowers.

If you are someone who is looking for some multicolor flower jewelry, this design would surely please your senses.

This is one of the best and the most loved fresh flower jewelry design in the last few years from the house of pelli poola jada. We hope you like it too.

Who wouldn't love some chirping parrots all the way, and when you could actually include such elements in your floral jewelry, we are sure it would make heads turns without any effort.

Color coordinate your floral jewelry with your outfit as simple as cliq and go when you order your mehendi and floral jewelry from pelli pula jada.

Want to order some mehendi favors along with the your floral jewelry that too within your budget? We are sure we have some stunning designs to fit every budget.

Do you love saath lada as much as Nizams do? Here is the Sath Lada inspired Floral jewelry and be the center of attention


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