Venis- Hair flowers designs with Pricing

Venis- Hair flowers designs with Pricing

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Price may vary depending on location (mainly districts) (Around 30% maximum) 

There are very few things in fashion, which come , steal our heart and stay there forever. One such accessory is the floral veni. It started as a detachable part of pelli poola jada, which reduced the traditional poola jada's heavy weight by ton just a few years ago and now the veni itself has earned a prominent love for itself from all the brides.
Veni's are something which can literally be ordered in any color design and shape from our pelli poola jada branches across the country and here are out most loved favorites this wedding season.

This design is exclusively designed for sangeet or mehendi ceremonies to match with the bride's contemporary outfits. With absolutely nominal weight, this veni is surely a stunning for any hairstyle during your sangeet or mehendi.

 PPJ-SV-002 combination of both fresh and artificial flowers!

There was always a tie between out net jada and out floral jada, and now for our veni we bring both of the worlds together with this Netted veni which comes along with a Jada. Brides who have a gold jada and just looking for veni's to top it up  or Bride's mothers who would want to wear a low bun, this is an ultimate choice without a doubt.
A little bit of green adds the much needed uniqueness to any veni and this is just a stunning example. If you have a yellow or pink saree in mind, this veni is a perfect pick.
The upgraded version on Veni, the Veni clip, which is a must have for your kids, who have short hair and also for brides who want to keep their hair in place for mehendi or sangeet.
This Veni too is an inspiration from our Mehendi and sangeet collection and is designed for brides who loves a dash of color.
For brides who have a neutral tone saree, like Gold or Cream , create a beautiful contrast with the multi color veni and see the magic for yourself.
Orchids are one of the most unique flowers which mother nature has to offer. And when orchids are made into a veni combined with gold colored jasmines, the sight is just invaluable.
Now we are talking about some real deal. We have cousins and sisters who want to get ready along with you and also want venis . So order this as a set of 6 venis and share the beauty as a team.
What is life with out a pop of color? So choose the set of venis in roses or jasmines and add a color veni made of your choice to complete the look.

This multi color veni is unique in so many ways. the colors, the twining and the flowers. Each bit of expertise came together to form this beauty.

Adding a lil' twist to your veni with a one sided floral design. Stunning isn't it?
Another colored floral collection, a clip for young girls for brides during Sangeet or Mehendi.
This is our classic combo of 2 jasmine venis, one in gold and one in white. Hands down!! this is our most classic choice of veni's.

If you are obsessed with rose venis and are looking for a light weight option in veni, this is the pick for you.
A baby veni made out of multicolor flower to brighten your day. Doesn't resemble a rainbow?