Cute Clients of Pellipoolajada

Cute Clients of Pellipoolajada

Cute Kids of Pellipoolajada

2015- year almost coming to end, and here we present some beautiful cute pellipoolajada clients who ordered fresh flower jewellery and poolajadalu

With Indian weddings and family events getting more elaborate, parents are looking to order a set of floral jewellery to adore the kid for events like sangeet/ haldi. For voni functions, pellikooturu function, and birthdays, it has become common to embrace the old tradition of wearing fresh flower poolajada and glam it up by wearing floral jewelry

Dressing up girls is always fun, with latest designer kids lehengas and trendy dresses available in market, teaming these dresses with wide pellipoolajada collection for kids will definitely make kids happy. When these kids wear beautiful jewellery/ poolajadas for family events, they get to know our tradition and appreciation from near and dear will bring interest for wearing poolajada/ poo jadai/ moggina jade again and again, without complaining about maintaining the jewelry or weight associated with it.

1. Cute little girl wearing fresh flower beaded light weight poolajda for neatly braided hair adored with beads...
poo jadai designs
2. Cousins wearing poo jadai for voni function done on same day
 poo jadai designs
3. Cute sisters wearing flower jewellery for matching lehengas.... cuteness overloaded. 
 poo jadai designs
4. Playful nd cheerful mood for voni function
poo jadai designs
5. Cute sisters with Tiaras
pelli pula jeda
6. Sisters wearing matching poolajadalu for Voni function. Poolajadas looking perfect with Designer Lehengas
 pelli pula jeda
7. Twins wearing poolajada in USA
poo jadai designs
8.Netted poolajada is favourite of kids.... light weight and elegant poo jada
9. Designer Lehenga and bright floral jewellery, perfect combination
 south indian bridal hairstyle
10.Butterflies are girls best friends, cutie wearing butterfly poolajada 
 south indian bridal hairstyle
11. Designer lehenga, and cute moggina jadesouth indian bridal hairstyle

Kids, in addition to wearing fresh flower poolajada for summer vacation, wear poolajada and floral jewelry for family events and photoshoots, these pictures will be lifetime memories. If you have already ordered poolajada, dont forget to send us, or upload them in Instagram with #pellipoolajada

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Puvvala Jada

5- Starting Range Poolajada Designs which you cannot afford to miss this wedding season :

To order poolajada, general tendency is to check the starting range, and then check other designs. Here we present the starting range of poolajadas which can be used for engagement or saree ceremony. When you are not the bride, and when you wish to wear poolajada for your cousin/ brother/sister/ friend's wedding, it is better to go for the lowest cost poolajada designs. 

1. Netted Poolajada- Cost 2200/-: 

Netted poolajada with 2 venis and cost of 2200/- from November wedding season is the special attraction to the brides opting for simple netted poolajada.


2. Chandra-billa Jada with jasmine: PPJ070-2200/-

Simple Chandra billa jadas with 3 venis is  the perfect choice for simple brides looking for light weight jadas

3. Chandra-billa Jada with Rosepetals: PPJ090-2400/-

Saree matching poolajada with colored rose petals around chandra shape billas. Artificial saree matching veni at top which can be re-used.

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4. Round-billa Jada with Jasmine: PPJ121-2400/-:

Any round shaped billa can be replaced with lakshmi billa in picture. Only jasmine used in jada, and saree matching veni at top, which is presently the trend


5. Traditional Jasmine and Rose jada : PPJ085-2400/-

No description needed for this beautiful poolajada, beauty in the jada is for the flowers.

To Order these beautiful poolajadas: Adore this beautiful collection inspired by nature and feel like a princess on your big day!!! Our Pellipoolajadacollection is available at all stores across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, and in all major cities like Chennai, bangalore, Guntur, vijayawada, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and USA

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Poolajada for Gold Jada

4 Goldjada- Poolajada Styles you should try this wedding season

What is a SouthIndianwedding without flowers? While you can find Roses and Tulips and Orchids in just about any corner of the wedding hall, why stick to the basics for the floral decor of bride? Yes, the "mogginajade" as they call in Kannada or the "Poolajada" in Telugu or "PooJadai" in Tamil...whatever it is called, it can add so much to the bridal look that make up alone cannot achieve.  


With Gold prices falling steeply many brides are opting for gold jada, but a south Indian bride cannot be imagined without fresh flowers in their hair i.e Poolajada / poojadai/ mogginajade . Here are some cute designs of brides who ordered gold jada, but simply refused to wear just gold jada for wedding. Four bridal goldjada-poolajada ideas, where brides teamed their exquisite gold jadas with fresh flowers to make the wedding look complete.

1. Goldjada on Top of Poolajada:  

Compliment your bridal look with this beautiful florals  with gold jada on top of it. Saree matching flowers or the contrast flowers can be used to make this poolajada, but brighter colors highlight the gold color of poolajada. Take a look at the beautiful goldjada on top of poolajada and we are sure you would agree with us. 


2. Poolajada on Top of Goldjada :  

Gold jada is worn on the bottom just above the hair extension, and floral jada billas are arranged neatly with a little gap between each billas on top of gold jada. Gold jada is seen in between each billa giving a neat look for poolajada.  Isnt this a beautiful choice for brides who love the flowers over the gold?

Moggina jade

3. Gold jada on Netted Jada :  

Netted poolajada is one of the contemporary style of wearing poolajada which is pretty famous with south indian brides these days. Teaming Goldjada with Netted poolajada is a wonderful idea. I'm sure you liked this bride's gorgeous poolajada style.
Poola jada 

4. Poolajada Interwoven around Goldjada:  

Gold jada is not just placed on top of poolajada but it is made to synchronize with the gold jada design which highlights the pattern of goldjada.  Alternating jasmine and red pattern of flowers woven around goldjada looking great with the wedding attire of the bride.


Brides, who already ordered a gold jada for wedding, rethink about just wearing a gold jada. Saree matching venis is definitely needed even for a gold jada, but poolajada can make the bridal hair look gorgeous, classy and elegant.


 To Order these beautiful poolajadas: Adore this beautiful collection inspired by nature and feel like a princess on your big day!!! Our Pellipoolajada collection is available at all stores across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Delhi, Mumbai and USA

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Colorful Poolajada

Colors of Life and Poolajada: 

Life is full of Colors and we try to match colors in every possible opportunityColor mixing is not the sort of thing that everyone knows how to do, but that's a good thing. It’s in fact a skill

We always try to match dress with hair clips, bands, bangles, handbags, chappals nd bindi too….. Then why leave poolajada to normal colors?

Here are some beautiful picutes of brides and models who wore matching poolajadalu, sometimes contrast, sometimes just matching a color, sometimes all the colors of saree to flowers.

Red/white/Gold color poolajada for the highly energetic bride wearing Gold saree
Red color poolajada for the highly energetic bride wearing Red saree

Royal Purple saree bride with bright purple poolajada
Orange color poolajada or the veni for the enthusiastic bride wearing Orange saree

Yellor saree energetic bride wearing gold and contrast color poolajada

White saree Innocent bride wearing white, gold and contrast color poolajadas

Nature loving beautiful green saree bride wearing green-white poolajadalu

Blue color saree heavenly bride wearing matching poolajada

Pink favorite color of brides and cute little girls.......

Try some contrast poolajadalu with one of the saree color matching poolajada

How does it look if we match all the colors??

To order??
Place order 2-3 weeks in advance

Telugu bride in basket

Pelli Butta Story...

In a wedding the Groom is considered to be Lord Vishnu and the Bride as Lakshmi Devi. After the Gowri pooja(done by the bride), her maternal uncles lift her on their shoulders,in a bamboo basket and take her to the groom ,who is behind the cloth curtain(addutera). It is believed that since the Bride is Lakshmi devi she shouldn't walk on the floor. So only butta

Another story: In olden days the floors were muddy,studded with stones. To keep the bride safe,they decided to carry her in a basket( the strongest is bamboo) .

TeluguBrahmin Tradition: 
Telugu Bride does gowri pooja in pellibutta, carried to mandapam by her maternal uncles in pellibutta, and jeelakarra bellam ritual is also performed by bride in pellibutta itself. 

Present Day wedding basket: 
Present day Designer weddings have modernised wedding basket. When Pellipoolajada entered the wedding baskets market, we found some interesting trends. We analysed the buttas, and here are the findings.

  1. Plain veduru butta without any cloth
  2. Round Dressed butta
  3. Lotus butta with elevated platform
  4. Lotus butta without elevated platform
Read the details about each butta and decide which one would suit your need.

Plain Veduru Butta without any cloth: Very few brides use plain butta, as the inner roughness of basket may damage kanchipattu saree. Small laces are dressed up around butta to glam it up, or flowers wrapped around basket to give a designer touch. Woven pattern by colorful laces is also picking up trend. Round or Square bottom butta is used for this type of butta.

Round butta with Designer dress to butta: Butta is covered with designer laces and clothes inside and outside.



Lotus petals Butta with Elevated platform:  Elevated platform with lotus petals is the latest trend. The advantage of such butta is, bride's saree is seen neatly and butta is comfortable. Bride is seen like lakshmi devi in lotus. The disadvantage of such butta is , bride is at a higher elevation than groom during jeelakarra bellam...which is not acceptable in some traditions. Check with your purohit, when going for such baskets.


Finally My choice:
Lotus butta with no elevated platform:
Though saree is not seen, this is one of the perfect choice...designer butta with petals will give good look to butta.

 Latest Designer butta by our Vijayawada branch: Gayatri

More Designs Check: CatalogPellibutta