Poolajada for Gold Jada

4 Goldjada- Poolajada Styles you should try this wedding season

What is a SouthIndianwedding without flowers? While you can find Roses and Tulips and Orchids in just about any corner of the wedding hall, why stick to the basics for the floral decor of bride? Yes, the "mogginajade" as they call in Kannada or the "Poolajada" in Telugu or "PooJadai" in Tamil...whatever it is called, it can add so much to the bridal look that make up alone cannot achieve.  


With Gold prices falling steeply many brides are opting for gold jada, but a south Indian bride cannot be imagined without fresh flowers in their hair i.e Poolajada / poojadai/ mogginajade . Here are some cute designs of brides who ordered gold jada, but simply refused to wear just gold jada for wedding. Four bridal goldjada-poolajada ideas, where brides teamed their exquisite gold jadas with fresh flowers to make the wedding look complete.

1. Goldjada on Top of Poolajada:  

Compliment your bridal look with this beautiful florals  with gold jada on top of it. Saree matching flowers or the contrast flowers can be used to make this poolajada, but brighter colors highlight the gold color of poolajada. Take a look at the beautiful goldjada on top of poolajada and we are sure you would agree with us. 


2. Poolajada on Top of Goldjada :  

Gold jada is worn on the bottom just above the hair extension, and floral jada billas are arranged neatly with a little gap between each billas on top of gold jada. Gold jada is seen in between each billa giving a neat look for poolajada.  Isnt this a beautiful choice for brides who love the flowers over the gold?

Moggina jade

3. Gold jada on Netted Jada :  

Netted poolajada is one of the contemporary style of wearing poolajada which is pretty famous with south indian brides these days. Teaming Goldjada with Netted poolajada is a wonderful idea. I'm sure you liked this bride's gorgeous poolajada style.
Poola jada 

4. Poolajada Interwoven around Goldjada:  

Gold jada is not just placed on top of poolajada but it is made to synchronize with the gold jada design which highlights the pattern of goldjada.  Alternating jasmine and red pattern of flowers woven around goldjada looking great with the wedding attire of the bride.


Brides, who already ordered a gold jada for wedding, rethink about just wearing a gold jada. Saree matching venis is definitely needed even for a gold jada, but poolajada can make the bridal hair look gorgeous, classy and elegant.


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