Colorful Poolajada

Colors of Life and Poolajada: 

Life is full of Colors and we try to match colors in every possible opportunityColor mixing is not the sort of thing that everyone knows how to do, but that's a good thing. It’s in fact a skill

We always try to match dress with hair clips, bands, bangles, handbags, chappals nd bindi too….. Then why leave poolajada to normal colors?

Here are some beautiful picutes of brides and models who wore matching poolajadalu, sometimes contrast, sometimes just matching a color, sometimes all the colors of saree to flowers.

Red/white/Gold color poolajada for the highly energetic bride wearing Gold saree
Red color poolajada for the highly energetic bride wearing Red saree

Royal Purple saree bride with bright purple poolajada
Orange color poolajada or the veni for the enthusiastic bride wearing Orange saree

Yellor saree energetic bride wearing gold and contrast color poolajada

White saree Innocent bride wearing white, gold and contrast color poolajadas

Nature loving beautiful green saree bride wearing green-white poolajadalu

Blue color saree heavenly bride wearing matching poolajada

Pink favorite color of brides and cute little girls.......

Try some contrast poolajadalu with one of the saree color matching poolajada

How does it look if we match all the colors??

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