Puvvala Jada

5- Starting Range Poolajada Designs which you cannot afford to miss this wedding season :

To order poolajada, general tendency is to check the starting range, and then check other designs. Here we present the starting range of poolajadas which can be used for engagement or saree ceremony. When you are not the bride, and when you wish to wear poolajada for your cousin/ brother/sister/ friend's wedding, it is better to go for the lowest cost poolajada designs. 

1. Netted Poolajada- Cost 2200/-: 

Netted poolajada with 2 venis and cost of 2200/- from November wedding season is the special attraction to the brides opting for simple netted poolajada.


2. Chandra-billa Jada with jasmine: PPJ070-2200/-

Simple Chandra billa jadas with 3 venis is  the perfect choice for simple brides looking for light weight jadas

3. Chandra-billa Jada with Rosepetals: PPJ090-2400/-

Saree matching poolajada with colored rose petals around chandra shape billas. Artificial saree matching veni at top which can be re-used.

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4. Round-billa Jada with Jasmine: PPJ121-2400/-:

Any round shaped billa can be replaced with lakshmi billa in picture. Only jasmine used in jada, and saree matching veni at top, which is presently the trend


5. Traditional Jasmine and Rose jada : PPJ085-2400/-

No description needed for this beautiful poolajada, beauty in the jada is for the flowers.

To Order these beautiful poolajadas: Adore this beautiful collection inspired by nature and feel like a princess on your big day!!! Our Pellipoolajadacollection is available at all stores across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, and in all major cities like Chennai, bangalore, Guntur, vijayawada, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and USA

Phone numbers to order: http://www.pellipoolajada.com/contact-us/