Telugu bride in basket

Pelli Butta Story...

In a wedding the Groom is considered to be Lord Vishnu and the Bride as Lakshmi Devi. After the Gowri pooja(done by the bride), her maternal uncles lift her on their shoulders,in a bamboo basket and take her to the groom ,who is behind the cloth curtain(addutera). It is believed that since the Bride is Lakshmi devi she shouldn't walk on the floor. So only butta

Another story: In olden days the floors were muddy,studded with stones. To keep the bride safe,they decided to carry her in a basket( the strongest is bamboo) .

TeluguBrahmin Tradition: 
Telugu Bride does gowri pooja in pellibutta, carried to mandapam by her maternal uncles in pellibutta, and jeelakarra bellam ritual is also performed by bride in pellibutta itself. 

Present Day wedding basket: 
Present day Designer weddings have modernised wedding basket. When Pellipoolajada entered the wedding baskets market, we found some interesting trends. We analysed the buttas, and here are the findings.

  1. Plain veduru butta without any cloth
  2. Round Dressed butta
  3. Lotus butta with elevated platform
  4. Lotus butta without elevated platform
Read the details about each butta and decide which one would suit your need.

Plain Veduru Butta without any cloth: Very few brides use plain butta, as the inner roughness of basket may damage kanchipattu saree. Small laces are dressed up around butta to glam it up, or flowers wrapped around basket to give a designer touch. Woven pattern by colorful laces is also picking up trend. Round or Square bottom butta is used for this type of butta.

Round butta with Designer dress to butta: Butta is covered with designer laces and clothes inside and outside.



Lotus petals Butta with Elevated platform:  Elevated platform with lotus petals is the latest trend. The advantage of such butta is, bride's saree is seen neatly and butta is comfortable. Bride is seen like lakshmi devi in lotus. The disadvantage of such butta is , bride is at a higher elevation than groom during jeelakarra bellam...which is not acceptable in some traditions. Check with your purohit, when going for such baskets.


Finally My choice:
Lotus butta with no elevated platform:
Though saree is not seen, this is one of the perfect choice...designer butta with petals will give good look to butta.

 Latest Designer butta by our Vijayawada branch: Gayatri

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