Bride and Bondam

Telugu Wedding is a sophisticated affair and is made up of a variety of rituals and ceremonies that expand over several days. According to the custom the girl should always carry some betel leaves, betel nuts, a coconut, a sandalwood stick and a red pumpkin. Most of the Telugu brides carry a Tender-coconut, called Kobbari bondam.

When the bride is dressed with the best jewellery, best saree and best of Pellipoolajada , why should the coconut look bland?,... Here im presenting some designs of kobbari bondam which have become famous in recent years.

Any event to be started with Lord Ganesha,.... Why not start wedding with Lord ganesha kobbaribondam....An auspicious beginning right??

Peacocks on wedding saree... and a matching Peacock bondam to surprise relatives and friends with peacock bondam.... Here are pics of some of the beautiful brides holding peacock kobbari bondam

Paintings on wedding coconut, though very old concept, it caught brides attention recently after famous bengali paintings and Bapu bomma paintings on bondam designs started

But new water proof stickers are the latest wedding coconuts which cost 1/3 the price of painting coconut is picking up trend in US and India

For Lord Venkateswara devotees, sankaham -chakram- naamam bondam is famous too....

Names Bondams are also famous, due to ease of making them. Real beauty of names bondam lies in the muchuku flower, which looks beautiful when seen from front

 Why names always in heart??? now in a diamond.....
 Names bondam with hangings....

What about pics instead of names???

Floral Bondams:

These flower bondams carry an extra charm..... bondam from inside and just a floral net from outside

And what celebrities carried??

Other designs:

Lotus bondam


So, what bondam you would like to hold in your hand for your wedding??