Modern Twist to Traditional Telugu wedding

Being in Pellipoolajada business for 3 years, i see a lot of designer stuff  taking entry into South Indian wedding... I call the present day weddings as "Designer Telugu wedding" as most of the accessories used have got the designer touch to it....  All thanks to Event managers who have great unique ideas...or dependable vendors,...who is doing creative stuff for every wedding :)

Lets see the photo feature.
Rangoli in front of home.... everyone does it... but Rangoli in front of Function hall is getting famous these days.............Professional Rangoli artists do this traditional Rangoli, Some times Bride and Groom faces as Rangoli :)

Wedding Dolls at the entrance to give a feel of wedding to the guests....
Designer Leaf Parrots so common in wedding decor these days....

 Guests welcomed in stunningly beautiful path to wedding

Now the Designer stuff:

Designer Buckets for Nalugu:

And jalleda....Again Desinger one...

Painted Rolu-Rokali

Designer Wedding umbrella.... and flowers prepacked in umbrella with flowers being showered on groom when opening it :)


Designer Gummadikaya (Pumpkin)... Vegetable carving of Pumpkin to look like Ganesha,,,and decorated beautifully with kundans

Designer Visinikarra with velvet and peacock work on it.....

Decorated Panakala kavadi

Decorated peacock orchids car......

Groom Entry to function hall

 Groom Entry to Mandapam ...welcomed by Dancers

Floral Shawl for Groom

Groom Dress, no more a normal Pant-Shirt or a Safari....Specially designed BrideGroom dress with Elaborate jewellery to match the dress is the present day trend in Telugu wedding. Now there are special showrooms for Groom's dresses...and soon there may be jewellery stores for Groom's too ;)

Now the Bride's Entry:
Muthyala Pandiri being very famous these days.

Bride in Normal basket??? No has to be designer butta with lotus petals

Designer doll for beautiful bride

Beautiful peacock bondam for the perfect bride in pallaki

No normal poolajada, Designer Poolajada

Floral Hand Bouquet for Christian Brides.... no Normal one

Hardly any one knew about flower jewellery in Telugu wedding, but now.... almost all brides wear this flower jewelry for mehendi

Designer Basikalu

Guests welcomed with no normal flowers, designer flowers with U-pin  attached to it, so that guests can directly put the flowers

Painted Designer Homagundam

Designer Silver plate, Vendi-pallem for Kanyadanam

Floral Addutera..... now replaced the traditional cloth addutera.........

Seethrough Addutera, where bride and groom can see each other..... picking up trend...

Designer Jeelakarra bellam???? No... No, that cant be done, so just put some flowers to make the picture colorful :)

Designer Kobbari Chippalu :) Love the pic

Colorful Talambralu

Designer Pots 

Kobbari akku pandiri with stocking flowers and Silver tiragali

Designer Pellipeetalu

Designer Ungarala Bindi

Designer Chaata and pot

And Fresh flower Garlands.......that too designer ones

Currency notes garlands and Crowns :)

Designer Mat with names on mat.... wow....

Omg...Designer oranges........

Designer Wedding Ring holders

In my wedding i felt half of the wedding was done by purohits and rest half by the photographers ;)  They directed us and also the purohit where to pause, where to proceed, how to smile and how to pose during important wedding rituals...... I guess this statement is correct with almost all latest Telugu weddings and experienced by all wed couples.

" The Groom may now kiss the bride....." is now very common with Telugu weddings..... but done in a  very elegant and neat manner.....

 Arundathi is seen to all Brides...Thanks to our photographers again :)


The Yo-Yo couple...again the photographer screenplay :)

Creative and Eco-friendly return gifts for Tambulam gaining importance

 When the wedding is designed so can the guests be normal... These days even guests r trying out creative gifts...

Now before getting excited, let me tell you about my favourite bride Sravani: She had very good plans of her wedding, but she was a final year student when her wedding was fixed. She did not wanted to burden her father, so took tutions for 4 months, did most of the stuff herself, and ordered poolajada, addutera and Peacock bondam with us. I was very impressed, when she sent me pics of her wedding.... Not everyone is creative or will have time,... so Pellipoolajada is here to help you with the creative stuff. Call 2-3 weeks in advance to place order.