Poolajada over centuries

I got these beautiful pictures of poolajadalu during "Kids-Poolajada Contest" and loved the the effort of mothers who made their little ones feel special....

This are the black and white pictures, probably taken around 70's....So much creativity in seventies..... . Checked langa, Aravanki, Dollar chain, gold jada kuppulu, wrist watch,sooryudu chandrudu, Mirror in background and photo frame....nostalgic right?? Most probably these pictures may be taken during summer when jasmine flowers are abundant. Rashmi garu sent these pics of her amma, Ratna kumari garu and pinni krishna kumari garu.

I remember my Aunt's similar black and white picture which is still in their drawing hall. Whenever i visit any of my relatives in West godavari district, i love watching the black and white photos framed and kept in bedroom. My peddamma wedding pics full album is framed.....

Definitely these sisters may have so many memories associated with these pics.

This is the picture of my Sister-Kalyani, and it was taken in year 1985, when she was 5 years old. Rajeswari aunty first taught my mother this jada, and later my mother mastered it.  This jada was definitely an innovation at that time, as uniform width jadas were prominent at that time, but rajeshwari aunty, we used to call her vadina-aunty... (she was vadina to amma), aunty was very creative, she wanted everything to have a creative touch. My sister had a white skirt, so my aunty carefully selected white pattu saree to match the blouse. 

My mother made similar jadas around 50 numbers, to most of the brides in vanasthalipuram, and my pinni made them in Singarajupalem, W.G.Dist. My mother did it as hobby, but later stopped making them, as when other relatives are getting ready nd enjoying in wedding, my mother had to make jada for long hours.... Now she does for few of our relatives, but now clever enough to ask for helpers if she has to make poolajada :)

My sister was the center of attraction on that day, and i pestered my mother continuously, when she will make me wear poolajada. Background was concealed with blanket and can see a steel bindi ...which was the trend during that time...... And the hightlight was, my sister wore the same jada for her wedding.

This is the picture of Sahitya, taken around 1990's i guess. Cute Chubby, sahitya is wearing white and red poolajada to match her lipstick ;) Muthyala golusu is arranged carefully to make it papidi billa. Photographer demonstrated his skill by superimposing various angle images in a single picture, which was the trend at that time.
Wearing a perfectly matching poolajada, Perfect veni arrangement ........ Folds on pattu langa (called pilti), for extension, as girls grow faster... :) Looks like this pattu langa is made from her mother's wedding saree..... wow... seriously her mother took all care to make this bomma a kundapu bomma.... Pic of "Chandana Garu"......

What so special with this pic??? I love the background...her relatives looking so happy seeing the cute girl...Generally this is the environment in villages when all relatives come to see how the cute one is adored with flowers. "Lucky" is lucky to have so many relatives to help her mother....

Aravinda garu says -This is my daughter Tanvi Gandikota. We stay in California. During India visit this poolajada pic was taken.Flowers are Simhachalam Sampenga or Bengalore Sampenga. They were all from Grandma' s Sampenga tree at home. This is home made poolajada.

Manjula garu made these poolajadalu for her daughter Ankitha. She is in USA, and made all these poolajadalu herself by seeing pellipoolajada pics.... Amazing manjula garu :)
Aranya: Her mother tried best to make a light weight poolajda with jasmine, pogadabanti, chamanti and rose petals..... Jada complements her personality  

Aakanksha and Amulya, LBnagar Employee Premlatha, daughters. Ever ready to make new poolajada designs with thrown away rose petals and flowers. They are our models for new designs and every now and then they wear poolajada. Now poolajada is part of their life. They help their mother in making satin flowers at home. They are now experts in making poolajadalu and can make any jada which her mother makes.... learnt them as hobby

Latest 2014, light weight poolajada done by Pellipoolajada-Secunderabad branch by Laxmi garu. This cutie pie Nidhi is daughter of Swati garu. She went to Secunderabad to detail Laxmi about the jada, and laxmi executed it so well. Designer Lehega, Diamond jewellery, Designer jada, this is the present day trend.....

Hope you liked going through the pictures :)
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