Coconut Leaf wedding Trays for Wedding and Engagement

Coconut Leaf wedding Trays for Wedding and Engagement

Occasion: Use for Engagement/ Wedding/ baby shower
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Order Atleast 2 weeks in advance
Price does not include delivery charge
Price may vary depending on location (Around 30% maximum)

Everyone dreams that their wedding would be special and unique. You would always want to do something special so that it brings awe and smiles on the faces of your guests.

One such category is the wedding/Enagagement trays. Gifts, Jewellery and Dry fruits/Sweets are usually bought by the Groom's family during the engagement ceremony in well decorated trays.
However due to this trend, many people came up with the monotonous plastic gift wrapping and styrofoam trays.

But your gifting need not be the same from now. We have specially designed trays out of coconut leaf weaving which an absolute eye candy to the eye and this way you are also making sure that your wedding is not a burden to the mother Nature.

This set of 6 wedding trays in various sizes is so versatile that these can be used even for your Nalugu ceremony or even for Baby showers. We are sure that your guests are definitely going to compliment you about these beauties.
And as we said if you are looking for trays so that you can carry the gifts for the bride, this set of 17 trays is a wonderful choice. You can easily carry all the Sarees, Jewellery and we promise that it would be adorably beautiful.
So why wait any further, Order them immediately for the upcoming wedding season.

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