Latest Floral Umbrella Designs

Latest Floral Umbrella Designs by Pellipoolajada

Occasion: Use for Mehendi/ Bride entering/ Pellikooturu function
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Order Atleast 2 weeks in advance
Price does not include delivery charge
Price may vary depending on flowers cost in that season and location (Around 30% maximum)

These pictures remind us of the beautiful wedding scene from the movie 2 States, when the Groom comes walking to the Mandap with a beautiful umbrella after the Kashi Yatra.

As much fun the event of Kashi Yatra is we can always put in a lil' more love to make it more special with our exclusive Umbrellas designed from the house of Pelli Poola Jada.

Our signature design has always been the netted Jasmine weaving. We have incorporated the same into designing this beautiful umbrella. Classic, Chic and Traditional. What else would you want to make your wedding even more special.

Pom Poms are undoubtedly in rage now, so why not include them during your wedding festivities.
You would definitely love the idea when you look at this colorful Pom-Pom and tassel umbrella.
Want few more inspirations of floral umbrellas? Here is our best bet with the ever beautiful Orchid Umbrella. Designed with a gold tissue base, orchid twinings, and rose tassels, this is a love at first sight.
Everyone loves Origami, not only for the sophisticated look, but for the color and beauty it gives. One speciality of this umbrella is it can double up as a Mehendi/ Sangeet accessory too. Great for photo booths and pre wedding festivities and the price undoubtedly is the best in the market.

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