Cloth & Floral Addutera Designs with Pricing

Cloth & Floral Addutera Designs with Pricing

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You must probably looked into your Fiance's eyes for a thousand times before the Muhurtam, but agree to it ladies that there is a magic looking through the Addutera and trying to steal a glance of your partner.
So to make those moments to last long through out your life, pick up a perfect Addutera to match your  from the wide range of designs from Pelli Poola Jada.

With Bride and Groom images painted impeccably, this is beautiful and priced very reasonably.

Kalamkari is everyone's favorite and if you are someone who has a heart for handmade articles, this one would surely steal your heart.
Another beautifully painting Seetaramula kalyanam depiction on cloth, Stunning, colorful and vibrant, this is a fool proof choice for every wedding.
Another simpler design of Seeta Ramula Kalyanam depicted on an off white background.

Are you someone who is a fan of Bapu paintings? Then you should not miss this Bapu style painting on this beautiful Addutera.

Want some sheer and more colorful addutera, we do provide sheer Addutera, which are absolutely a photography delight during all your festivities.
Another beautiful Addutera design with a Swasthik symbol on the center. Beautifully curated!!

If you want something more lively and royal, we would definitely want to suggest floral addutera, which enhances the complete look of your wedding. Flowers woven to form a cloth, is something as magical and fragrant.

Jasmine net is a trademark design of Pelli poola Jada, so we made an ultimate effort to bring it as an Addutera too. This is definitely a number one choice for royal weddings.