Garigamuntha Designs with pricing

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There are many accessories in South Indian Wedding which have utter Importance. While Every Bride wants to have a Royal wedding ,we at Pelli Poola Jada are on a mission to give everything related to your wedding a beautiful and royal makeover.

Garikamuntha is one of those earthen pots used in the Groom's Pooja before the wedding and during Arundhati Nakshatram after the wedding. These is a saying that a bride should not see her Garikamunta in few communities and hence it is well hidden from the brides eye.

However few of the brides carry this Garikamunta instead of a fresh coconut. Whatever may be the culture now the time has come to give a beautiful makeover to this humble earthen pot.

This Garikamunta design with all gold sequins and a patch of fabric peacock is an excellent choice in case you are having an all gold wedding.
The Trademark lotus design from Pelli Poola Jada is ow adorned by Garikamunta. Made of gold sequins and kundan, this a perfect choice for brides carrying it.
Another version of out lotus Garikamunta for bride who loves statement Art work. Also these designs can be full be customized to suit your needs.
A Garikamunta made for brides who have an keen eye for detail.

Beautiful Shanku Chakra design engraved on Garikamunta to bring the divine blessing of Lord vishnu.

If you are someone who likes colors and mirror and a fan of bohemian designs, this mirror engaraved Garikamuntha is a perfect choice for you.

Royal and stunning, this Garikabuddi is completely engraves with kundans and is designed to perfection.
The majestic kundan Grikamunta in the shades of pink and purple.
Simple and stunning Garikamunta with pearls which took up the divine shape of lord Ganesh.
Want to retain the beauty of the earthern pot and require a vintage design for graikamunta, here is our cute Ganesh Painted Garika muntha and we are sure it stole all your hearts.

This is a classic piece with gold and kundan design and yet couples favorite among our collection.