Karpuram, Camphor Garlands designs with pricing

Occasion: Use for Wedding/ Welcome garlands
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Every tradition in Indian weddings is so beautifully incorporated that we can't help thanking our ancestors even generations after. One such beautiful custom is of the camphor and Elaichi garlands. South Indian couples are usually asked to exchange garlands made of Elaichi and camphor around their neck post the wedding. 

The reason has a lot of health benefits too. Camphor and Elaichi are said to cool down your body during the elaborate wedding procedures and also, as there is a lot of perspiration involved during the Homam, it is supposed to ward off bad odors.

Many couples save these garlands as keepsake for all the generations to come. The flower garlands may dry and fall off. However camphor and Elaichi garlands mature gracefully over time and still emit the scent of your wedding day memories for years to come.

While not many designs of camphor garlands are seen these days, we have designed some exquisite camphor and elaichi garland designs to met the modern day wedding expectations. Have a look at it.
A full bunch of raw Elaichi garlands to give a unique touch to your wedding day.

Simple two like pure camphor garlands for the modern day bride. Please feel free to call us for cutomizations.

To order: Phone numbers given here: