Mallepoovu Pandiri Designs

Occasion: Mehndi, Wedding, Langa Voni function, Seemantham
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Order Atleast 2 weeks in advance
Price does not include delivery charge
Price from Rs 5000 to 25000/- depending on design, please speak to nearest branch for exact pricing

MP-001: Colorful flower, crane and pompom pandiri
What would you think is the most dramatic and magical part in any weddings? The answer is simple, Bridal entry!! So how magnificent would you want your bridal entry? Ok, we are here to help you with that with a new additions of Malle poola pandiri. This actually works great for both the bride and the groom. Famously known as phoolon ka chadar in the Northern India, we have made subtle changes to tailor it for South Indian weddings.

Our first design is this incredibly cute pandiri with fresh jasmines and colorful pom-poms. With a pop of color and the fragrance of jasmines, this is everyones favorite. 
 Made entirely of jasmines and fresh lilies, this is a classic Malle poola pandiri, nothing beats the design of authentic designs and country flowers isn't it?
Another utterly traditional design made in marigolds is surely true give you the authentic feels of traditional wedding like no other.
How creative can we get with a Malle poola pandiri, We definitely go an extra mile ahead and this is just an example. Beautiful Malle pandiri with lily and rose tassels.Extremely classic and chic at the same time.
We saved this one for the last. If you someone who have a royal, larger than life wedding in mind, there is no other choice than this heavily weaved net poola pandiri. To top it all, this has a beautifully arranged floral arrangement to give a feel a royal entry. Aren't you in love with this yet? We are sure you are.