Telugu Wedding Dolls with Pricing

Wedding Dolls with Pricing

Occasion: Langa Voni function, Seemantham, wedding
To order: Phone numbers given here:  

Order Atleast 2 weeks in advance
Price does not include delivery charge
Price may vary depending on location (Around 30% maximum)

Indian wedding are always a beautiful curation of creativeness and tradition. Have you met anyone who doesn't want to make their wedding special? Well, we know thats absolutely impossible.

We South Indians have a magical relation with dolls. It could be due to Kondapalli , chennapatna dolls which depicted our scriptures and a symbol of South or even because of the traditional Bommala koluvu/ Gollu for festivals.

Whatever be the reason, dolls too have become an integral part of the tradition and till date families display their wedding themed dolls as a part of decor making in beyond adorable. And now we are making these hard to find dolls accessible to you and are now taking orders for these adorable customized dolls for your wedding.

Any wedding prep in South India starts with Pasupu/Haldi function and here our first doll depicts the same with five young ladies. We also do customizations for all occasions according to the requirement. 
How adorable is this doll which is an exact replica of the bride?  We are absolutely in love with this and we would highly recommend gifting yourself a miniature version of yourself for the wedding
or you can always gift it to your friend/cousin to make their wedding day special.