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Occasion: Wedding
Way before pallaki's came into picture, South Indian weddings had this beautiful tradition of maternal uncle carrying the bride in the basket.A sweet and fun memory for women across generations is this cute moment. The moment of their bridal entry in a hand woven basket.

It is considered that a south Indian bride is an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi during the wedding rituals and hence they dont let the bride step her feet on the ground during the Gauri pooja or after that. When the time arrives for her presence at the Mandap, Maternal uncles carry her to the Mandap, and that is where she puts her feet outside.

However, the recent generation wanted the humble hand woven basket to look Royal and beautiful, so here, we at Pelli Poola Jada, gave these Bridal baskets a beautiful Makeover. Inspired from the Goddess Lakshmi herself who is seated in a Lotus flower, we have designed such baskets, to suit the modern day weddings.

Beautiful golden yellow bridal basket with rose petals all around, this is surely to make you feel like a Princess.
Another version of our Golden pelli butta with high petals in golden yellow and made in a jacquard cloth lining.
If you are a bride who love the old style traditional butta, here is the design which is made out of cloth and pearls. This is simple yet stunning without compromising on traditions.
Yet another design of the traditional butta, We have given a designer makeover with beautiful red and green designer linings and butas.

Here are few more versions of our Lotus Pelli Butta in pink and red colors.

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